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Southern California

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

An Introduction to

Residential Inpatient Treatment

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects how the mind and body respond to the consumption of drugs and alcohol. Using addictive substances causes the brain to release high levels of chemicals that are associated with pleasure or reward. Over time, continued drug use causes changes in the brain systems involved in reward, motivation and memory. When these changes occur, a person may physically need the substance just to feel normal. 

Intense cravings for the addictive substance will be present, and a person will continue to use despite unwanted consequences. The person may lose interest in normal life activities. If left untreated, addiction can cause a person to stop caring about their own or other’s well-being or survival.

Do I Really Need to go to rehab?

A Few Signs You Need Inpatient Treatment

When a person begins to lose control over their drug and alcohol use, it is critical to determine whether residential inpatient treatment is necessary.  Physical symptoms of addiction can vary, depending on the substance used, making the physical symptoms alone inadequate in assessing the need for treatment.  Often the best indicators of whether rehab is needed are psychological and behavioral signs. Our luxury inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles, CA offers free consultations.  We look for signs such as:

  • Tolerance-requiring more of a substance to achieve the desired effect
  • Withdrawal symptoms-shaking, nausea, vomiting, headaches, muscle aches, etc.
  • Loss of control-promising yourself or others you will slow down or stop, but finding yourself unable to do so.
  • Neglecting other activities that you used to enjoy
  • Stealing to support a habit
  • Continuing to use despite negative consequences
  • Social, financial and legal problems

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we encourage you to seek a residential inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles, like the one at Starbridge Recovery in Studio City, California. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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Preparing to Enter an Inpatient Program

What to Expect at a Luxury Inpatient Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

At Starbridge Recovery we make the effort to “peel the onion” by exploring obvious and underlying factors as to why you are struggling with substance abuse.

Like any recovery program, we teach our clients recovery skills and help them to identify and explore the benefits of sobriety.   What makes us special, is that we look at the entirety of the individual in front of us.  We help to uncover cognitive, emotional and practical strengths as well as limitations.  We provide and facilitate interventions to uncover hidden factors as to why our clients are not meeting age-appropriate milestones.  

Another valuable perk to our inpatient drug rehab center in Los Angeles, CA is that we also offer career guidance and counseling to our clients, linked to their aptitudes, interests and personalities.  We provide our clients with a plethora of opportunities to identify personal strengths and to expand areas of interest.

Our clients are in a continuous state of expanding self-awareness as they develop insights about who they are, cope with challenges and identify personal goals and responsibilities, driven by our comprehensive and perpetual evaluation process.

Starbridge’s luxury rehabilitation program in Studio City emphasizes and promotes the core building blocks of thriving. Our objective is to provide our clients with better coping skills. We help clients identify resources and supports in their lives as well as building a “life roadmap” upon discharge.

Core Building Blocks

  • The expansion of positive emotions 
  • Improved engagement 
  • The identification and development of healthy relationships 
  • Recognition and discovery of personal accomplishment goals
  • Connecting with what is meaningful in each client’s life 

Unique Client Roadmap

  • Behaviors to engage in to continue progress 
  • Personal strengths and interests to continue to develop 
  • Personal limitations or areas of challenge

By following these road maps we have helped many clients live a clean life filled with personal satisfaction.

Our Inpatient Treatment Process

Biopsychosocial Assessment
Learning disability Assessment
Psychological and Personality Testing Career and Vocational Assessment
Coping Skills
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Distress Tolerance
Staying Present/Mindfulness
Relationship Strategies
Good Decision-making
Self-Care Strategies
Exercising Self-Control
Development of core Competencies
Goal Setting with Follow-Through
Motivational Strategies
Removing Unhealthy Behaviors
Setting Up for Success
Goal Setting
Finding Purpose & Passion
Value identification and Clarification
Defining Priorities
Recognition of Strengths
Managing Fear
Bio-physiology of Fear
Trust and Bonding Exercises
Personal Inventories
Escape Addiction for Good.

Let’s work together to overcome addiction, once & for all. 

Pick up the phone and contact Starbridge Recovery in Los Angeles right now.

Quality Treatment in a Luxury Setting

Our Los Angeles Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Starbridge Recovery is located in Los Angeles, California in the Hollywood Hills area close to Universal Studios. We are a 6 bed facility in a well-designed home and beautiful environment. With a facility of this size, our clients receive a lot of individual attention and do not get “lost in the mix” as they do with some of the larger facilities. Our Los Angeles addiction treatment program is a warm and welcoming homelike environment.

In our exclusive facility, you will receive the greatest amounts of care and devotion.

Program Features

  • Nourishing meals
  • Daily time for gratitude practices 
  • Group and individual therapy sessions
  • Outside 12 step meetings  
  • Supervised low-intensity exercise
  • Fresh air mindfulness and yoga sessions
  • Recreational and experiential outings (hikes, beach, bowling, movies, etc.)
  • Experiential therapy game night
  • Pizza and movie night
  • Onsite BBQs
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Recovery is Possible at Our Luxury Inpatient Drug Rehab in LA

We specialize in drug abuse and addiction treatment. We also offer help for anxiety and behavioral problems that are a result of trauma. With an individual approach and great care, we cater our treatment plans to each patient so they can overcome their issues effectively. Our programs provide the tools necessary to get your life back on track and become the best version of yourself.

Our curriculum is designed to give clients coping strategies for dealing with the stressors and triggers in their lives that lead to abusing substances. Our luxury treatment program in Los Angeles is offered in phases to help an individual to get on the right path to successful development.

Your Path to Lasting Recovery

Having trouble picking up the phone? That’s okay. Text us right now to speak to someone who’s been in your shoes.

We Work With

Most Major Insurance
Aetna Health Insurance - Starbridge Recovery in Studio City, Los Angeles, California
Get Real Help for Addiction, Day or Night.

We are here to help. We’ve been in your shoes and understand there is no magic cure or one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment. Contact our expert admissions team to get the help you need – regardless if you come to our program or not.

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