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Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Burbank Drug Rehab

Dubbed the “Media Capital of the World,” Burbank, CA, has struggled with a consistent drug problem that has only gotten worse over the last few years. Rises in use, overdose rates, and various types of treatment to address the concerns have filled Burbank with rehab centers.

Starbridge Recovery is one such treatment center. With coordinators ready to assist you in developing an individualized addiction treatment program, Starbridge professionals are available to support you 24/7. Our luxury amenities include a pool, outdoor areas, a convenient location, and luxury bed and bath accommodations.

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An Overview of

Addiction Statistics in Burbank, CA

Burbank, California, located in LA County, has seen a rise in overdose statistics in the last few years. While much of it can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, addiction statistics in the early 2010s were not much better. 

Burbank, part of Service Planning Area 2, saw a 48.4% relative increase in the data from 2019 to 2020. With the pandemic in full swing, LA County saw an increase in all relative percentage rate changes from 2019-to 2020, including drug statistics, age range numbers, and race. 

Overdose statistics, however, stabilized as more and more young people access mental health help and available local supports. However, the fact still remains that 8% of the national total of overdose deaths comes from California.

Addiction admittance in California decreased below 100,000 in 2019 and 2020 but was on the rise again in 2021 with changes in the restrictions due to the pandemic. Individuals accessing treatment were more likely to receive treatment for drugs than alcohol or combined addiction treatment. Additionally, nearly 10,000 people used MAT as part of their treatment program to support their sobriety.

With the 2020s and predicted increases in 2021, Burbank is fighting back with awareness, support, and treatment.

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Benefits of Addiction Treatment in Burbank, CA

Accessing addiction treatment in Burbank, CA, offers clients many benefits that cannot be easily found elsewhere. Burbank rehab centers can offer prime locations, advanced treatment options, expert care, and luxury amenities. 

Rehab in Burbank offers clients a prime location to support an individual’s overall mental health. With an average of one rainy day per month, clients attending Burbank addiction treatment will have access to blue skies for sober outings, outdoor relaxation, and recreation. Some treatment centers offer prime locations in residential areas like Starbridge Recovery in Studio City. Nestled into the hills, this unassuming facility is local.

Burbank addiction treatment centers boast some of the most advanced treatment options and most senior experts in addiction treatment due to their location and the area. Clients can use this to their advantage when getting sober.

Lastly, Burbank, California, offers a number of luxury facilities designed with all types of individuals in mind. Many luxury facilities even provide a professional package that adjusts the time during the day to access personal technology or sets aside time in the treatment process for work.

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Levels of Care in Burbank

What Type of Treatment Can Be Found in Burbank, CA?

Based on the statistics related to addiction in Burbank, California, LA County has seen abundant growth in multiple types of rehabilitation treatments and facilities. The need to address at-risk populations like the homeless, teens, professionals, and the general populace, all within under 5,000 square miles, has ensured the development of treatment to meet the needs of every individual. Additionally, the development of residential detox and outpatient detox and multiple levels of addiction treatment ensures that clients receive the treatment they need to address their substance use problems.

Detoxification is one type of treatment readily available in Burbank, CA. This process can be monitored through a residential facility, intensive outpatient programming, and individual clients with a support system to help them. Research has shown that supported detoxification is more successful and poses less health risk to the individual involved.

Residential rehabilitation is also a common type of treatment found in LA County. Residential treatment indicates that clients will be living at a rehabilitation facility for a number of weeks and working to progress through a rigorous health and addiction treatment plan. This type of addiction treatment requires clients to assess their past and current state, think positively about the future, and plan with a healthy mindset as the primary goal and focus of treatment and sobriety. 

While residential treatment requires a significant time commitment and is often not feasible for professionals, teens in school, and individuals who must maintain access to work or their families, intensive outpatient treatment offers the intensity and opportunity for success. Intensive Outpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization treatments often intertwine the necessary aspects of inpatient treatment and outpatient programs. Clients spend 15-30 hours a week at the facility while spending the rest of the time at work or home applying the lessons learned during treatment to first-hand experiences. 

Lastly, outpatient programs are another popular type of addiction treatment that has become common in Burbank. This treatment program is the most flexible and can often be built around important schedules, school, and other required events. Clients in outpatient treatment often spend 2-5 hours a week speaking with counselors, doctors, or nurses and in group meetings designed to support clients’ mental and physical health. Addiction treatment at this level is ideal for individuals who have met with success in more intensive programs as part of their aftercare, with clients diagnosed with a mild disability and who do not have any additional mental-health concerns that are not directly related to substance use.

These various types of addiction treatment also have a sliding scale of monetary flexibility directly related to the amenities, luxuries, and benefits different treatment centers can offer. 

Generalized addiction treatment is designed to treat the masses and is often a thoroughly throughout and engaging treatment program that clients can merge into without much ceremony. 

Luxury addiction treatment provides clients access to luxury amenities, living spaces, treatment, and aftercare. In addition, this treatment offers individualized addiction treatment with personalized therapy options, physical and nutritional health options, and aftercare planning and support. 

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How we stand out

Why Choose Starbridge Recovery for Addiction Rehab Near Burbank, CA

Starbridge Recovery is a premier Southern California luxury addiction treatment center. Our expert professional staff brings both their experience and dedication to the unparalleled rehabilitation process. Combined treatment practices, luxury housing and amenities, and high-quality care set Starbridge Recovery apart. 

The treatment practices that Starbridge Recovery uses are a unique combination of the traditional take on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with alternative and special therapies mixed in to provide clients access to multiple learning and teacher styles for success. 

At Starbridge Recovery, we also boast our modern luxury amenities, furnishings, space, and location. While this isn’t all of what addiction treatment is about, it significantly impacts what clients need to feel successful in addiction treatment.

Finally, it is important to consider the high-quality, expertly designed, and individualized care available at Starbridge Recovery. Our admissions coordinators work with each client individually to develop addiction treatment plans that address the concerns relevant to the individual and their addiction needs. This ensures that each client participates in treatment that will directly benefit their overall holistic rehabilitative health.

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