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Millions of people every year are diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This disorder can be difficult enough to deal with on its own, but when coupled with an alcohol or drug addiction, it can be even worse for both the person suffering from the disorder and those around them. Unfortunately, once a person turns to drugs or alcohol to cope with PTSD, it becomes even harder to treat because both conditions feed off of each other. Many people simply don’t know where to turn to get help in the first place, and so they try to find some way to manage the situation. 

Starbridge Recovery is a luxury treatment center in Los Angeles that provides dual diagnosis treatment for PTSD. This is a treatment program where we treat both PTSD and addiction at the same time so that the person has the best chances of recovery and trying to live a normal life. While both addiction and PTSD are lifelong problems, with the right treatment plan and support, it is possible to manage them and live a normal life free of addiction without worrying about constant symptoms related to PTSD. 

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An Introduction to PTSD Treatment

PTSD is a newer term for a condition that has been around a long time, notably when soldiers sent off to war came back home and had problems returning to a normal life. They would experience a range of different symptoms, and many of them had trouble relating to friends and family, holding down a job, or just performing day-to-day activities due to the symptoms. Originally labeled “shell shock” as a term for those who had seen combat in war, it later became known as PTSD. 

It is now known that it affects many more people than just those who have served in the military, and that includes men, women, children, the elderly, and anyone in-between. PTSD is best described as an emotional and sometimes physical response to a traumatic and stressful event. The exact nature of the event can vary from person to person, but the response to that traumatic stress tends to be similar in most people diagnosed with the condition. 

With proper counseling and treatment, PTSD is entirely manageable; however, many people go without treatment due to a lack of knowledge of where to get treatment, lack of availability, or other issues that prevent them from seeking treatment. This is when some turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with PTSD. 

If you know someone suffering from PTSD and addiction who needs treatment, contact Starbridge Recovery today and speak to our admissions team to learn more about our luxury treatment center in Los Angeles, CA

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What Are the Signs of PTSD?

PTSD can affect different people differently, with symptoms showing up almost immediately after a traumatic event or taking years to manifest. The symptoms can be grouped into distinct categories: intrusive memories, avoidance, negative mood, and changes in physical or emotional reactions to everyday situations. 

Intrusive memories often manifest as nightmares and bad dreams that recur regularly. 

Avoidance is, as it sounds, the process of avoiding thinking, talking, or being near people or places that remind them of the event. This can lead to severe social isolation and other problems. 

Negative thoughts and mood disruptions are other symptoms of PTSD. This can cause a person to feel emotionally empty, have difficulty connecting with others, feel depressed and hopeless, particularly about the future, and even lose enjoyment in things they once liked. They may even have trouble remembering details about the traumatic event or be unable to even feel happiness despite the situation they find themselves in. 

Changes in physical and emotional reactions are also common. Things like being hyper-aware of their surroundings, always being on guard, difficulty relaxing, engaging in reckless or dangerous behavior such as drinking or drugs, and even outbursts of anger or feelings of guilt and shame. 

At Starbridge Recovery, we understand the intimate details of PTSD and how to treat it the right way so that people can manage their symptoms healthily and without drugs or alcohol. If you know someone with PTSD and addiction, contact us today

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What Causes PTSD?

PTSD is caused by trauma. Trauma is any event that causes an emotional response to a terrifying event, such as a violent crime or natural disaster. It can be thought of as anything that engages fear and the body’s fight or flight response. For this reason, it was originally thought that only soldiers who went to war got the disorder, but it is now known that anyone can have PTSD. 

Although it is better understood now than in previous generations, many people still go undiagnosed and untreated, leading to higher rates of co-occurring disorders as people try to self-medicate for the disorder. 

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Are There Dual Diagnosis Programs For PTSD and Addiction?

Dual diagnosis treatment is the only way to successfully treat both PTSD and addiction. When a person has both of these problems at the same time, it is impossible to treat only one because the other will cause it to constantly resurface, ultimately resulting in continued relapse. 

While the addiction does not typically cause PTSD, it is used as a coping mechanism for the symptoms of the disorder, so treating the addiction will only be temporary if the symptoms of PTSD remain and vice versa. 

Starbridge offers a dual diagnosis program for both PTSD and addiction that works to find the root cause of the addiction and manage the symptoms of PTSD so that the client can live as normal a life as possible. 

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Starbridge Recovery is a Drug Rehab Center Providing Addiction and PTSD Treatment in Studio City

Now that you know a bit more about PTSD and how it works, and why having an addiction as well can be so dangerous, now is the time to get the help you need. 

Our dual diagnosis treatment works to find the source of your past trauma and help you face it in a healthy way while offering support and guidance. Once you are able to face your trauma, we are then able to work with you to develop the coping skills you need to be able to deal with your PTSD without using drugs or alcohol. 

By providing treatment for both issues simultaneously, a person can focus on themselves and the damage that has been done to them and learn the skills necessary to recover instead of just self-medicating and continuing to struggle. 

Don’t let addiction and PTSD rule your life. Come to Starbridge Recovery today and find comprehensive treatment at our Studio City rehab center.

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