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Los Angeles, California

Drug & Alcohol Addiction treatment

An Introduction to

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a disease that affects the mind and body.  This disease is chronic and will get progressively worse over time, eventually taking over a person’s life.   In the body of an addict, the continued use of drugs and/or alcohol will set off a powerful phenomenon of craving which the addict is unable to stop– despite their very best efforts.

Thankfully, recovery is possible with the help of drug & alcohol treatment centers like Starbridge Recovery in Los Angeles. Our program utilizes a number of evidence-based therapies combined with holistic remedies in order to help those struggling with addiction in finding their path to lasting recovery. 

Signs of Addiction

How to Know if Treatment is Needed

If you, or someone you know struggles with these issues, you are not alone.  Studies show that 1 in 7, (40 Million) Americans have a substance abuse problem. But there is hope! Addiction can be treated and managed by healthcare professionals and with the help of family or peer support.  

If left untreated, addictions will continue to worsen and consequences can lead to bankruptcy, loss of relationships, trouble at work or school, depression, and even death. 

Who is at risk for addiction?  The short answer is, anyone.  The disease of addiction knows no discrimination, and people from all walks of life struggle with their drug and alcohol use.

Traits of Addiction

  • Preoccupation with using & strong cravings
  • Continued use despite serious consequences
  • Inability to control or limit your use
  • Failed attempts to quit
  • Increased tolerance to mind altering substances (requiring increasing amounts to achieve the desired effects)
  • Withdrawal symptoms (sweating, nausea, vomiting, tremors, muscle aches and anxiety)
  • Seeking prescription drugs after they’re no longer medically necessary 
  • Irritability or depression
  • Going to extreme measures to obtain a drug, such as lying or stealing

Risk Factors

  • Genetics
  • Psychological factors (stress, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality and other psychiatric disorders)
  • Environmental influences (exposure to physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or trauma, substance use or addiction in the family or among peers, access to an addictive substance)
  • Starting alcohol, nicotine or other drug use at an early age 
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Looking for Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles?

The Benefits of a Luxury Treatment Center

The good news is, addiction can be treated, and millions of addicts recover each year. While undergoing treatment, many find their health, relationships and finances begin to heal. A sense of hope returns to their lives.    

Addicts have found that trying to quit on their own is ineffective at best. And can even be dangerous. Often, the severities of withdrawal without medical care can cause severe pain, seizures and even death.  It is safer to detox with the help of a medical professional and the assistance of a caring staff.

Once a person has stabilized and cleared their systems of all drugs and alcohol, the serious work of recovering can begin.  The important work lies in discovering how to avoid succumbing to the next craving for a drink or drug. Addiction treatment centers are a promising way to beat addictions, as they offer help in all areas in which an addict struggles.  

Luxury rehab programs provide a beautiful atmosphere and the support of an expertly trained team of compassionate physicians, psychologists, licensed counselors, nurses to help you recover physically and mentally from addiction.  

Luxury treatment centers like Starbridge Recovery offer a wide variety of treatment methods and therapies based on individual needs.  Substance abuse programs include detoxification, inpatient and outpatient treatment and an aftercare or sober living plan.  Group and individual therapy are key ingredients to overcoming addiction, and helping individuals enjoy a sober and satisfying life.

Escape Addiction for Good.

Let’s work together to overcome addiction, once & for all. 

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Addiction Treatment That Works for You

Our Luxury Treatment Center in Los Angeles

Starbridge Recovery Center is a luxury drug rehab facility located in the Studio City area of Los Angeles, CA. We offer a luxurious setting conducive to achieving and maintaining long term sobriety and quality of life. We differ from standard rehabilitation centers by offering higher quality and quantity of services and accommodations. 

Our luxury treatment center in Studio City offers relaxing aesthetics and is designed with the comfort and wellbeing of our patients in mind. In addition to the visible perks of a luxury treatment center, we offer more alternative treatments that will address your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional coaching, meditation, and yoga are just some of the treatments you can expect at our luxury rehab center. These services, typically not found at a standard rehabilitation, can aid in healing the mind and body and prevent relapse.

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Lasting Recovery Begins Right Now at

Starbridge Recovery's Luxury Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center in Los Angeles, CA

With our luxurious amenities and programs, you will be free to focus on your wellbeing and recovery, transforming into the best version of yourself.  

Upon your arrival, our medical staff will evaluate your health needs and begin the detoxification process gently and safely based on your unique health conditions.  Once your body is cleansed of mind altering substances, you will enter a program for residential inpatient or outpatient treatment.  

Inpatient clients will be provided with a private upscale room, and have 24 hour access to our facility and programs. Clients who choose residential inpatient treatment have a higher success rate for lasting recovery. 

However, if work or other obligations prevent you from being able to stay with us as an inpatient client, we offer outpatient treatment. Our outpatient clients also have great success, living at home, while also maximizing recovery efforts with the help of our expertly trained staff and a program of support. 

Reaching the end of your chosen program is only the beginning. Starbridge will set you up for lasting success with a customized aftercare plan. Aftercare planning is one of the most vital parts of long term recovery.  Being able to navigate life’s ups and downs while sober can be trying.  Our aftercare program gives you the tools you need to face daily challenges while remaining sober.  

Our team of doctors, therapists, counselors and support staff are experts in their field and have the know-how and compassion to help you through detoxification, treatment, and aftercare.  We will be by your side as you heal and build a tailored plan for lasting recovery.  We will give you the tools to live a full life, clean and sober.

Your Path to Lasting Recovery

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