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Los Angeles, California

Dual-Diagnosis Program in Los Angeles

An Introduction to

Substance Abuse & Mental Illness

Often, clients come to us struggling with a dependency on drugs or alcohol, as well as an underlying psychiatric condition. When a person suffers from mental illness and addiction, this is called Dual Diagnosis. If you or someone you love is experiencing overlapping symptoms of a mental health disorder — anxiety attacks, depression, delusional behavior, mood swings, hallucinations or suicidal thoughts as well as drug and alcohol abuse, it is important to seek 24/7 inpatient treatment in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

The Importance of Treating Mental Health

Why is Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles Needed?

In the past, medical professionals thought it was necessary to treat the drug and alcohol addiction first, and then begin treatment for the mental illness. Luckily, today, doctors know that the 2 conditions are intertwined, and one deeply affects the other.  Therefore specialized treatment exists to treat the co-occurring conditions of addiction in conjunction with mental health disorders.  

At dual diagnosis treatment centers in California, intake counselors and evaluation specialists will review your psychiatric history and evaluate your substance use patterns before helping you develop an individualized treatment plan. Dual diagnosis clients benefit from a residential treatment program that provides intensive, round-the-clock monitoring and care. 

However, clients who are physically and mentally stable may be referred to an outpatient treatment program, where they can continue to live at home, go to work and take care of family members while they go through rehab. 

The symptoms of mental illness can be so disturbing that alcohol or drug abuse may seem like the only way to cope. For example, denial is common for people who have a dual diagnosis. When your thoughts and perceptions are affected by mental illness, it’s easy to neglect your own care. Depression can make you feel that your life isn’t worth saving, while anxiety may drive you away from contact with others. 

Getting your life back on track requires professional help, family and peer support, and hope.  It can be difficult to feel a sense of hope when addiction and mental illness are clouding your thoughts, but we have seen countless people recover from these conditions, and can tell you with confidence that there IS HOPE for you.

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What to do when you need co-ocurring treatment

How to Find a Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Center in California

When faced with co-occurring issues like addiction and mental illness, it is vital to find the best quality and most effective treatment facility possible.  Things you want to consider include:

  • Staff communication & qualifications-Will you be treated with respect and genuine care? What diplomas, certifications and accreditations are in place?  Ask lots of questions.
  • Range and types of programs offered-Look for individual therapy, group therapy, 12 step programs, family counseling, coping skills classes, relapse prevention programs, etc.
  • Patient accommodations-should be kept clean, comfortable and beautiful
  • Discharge planning that includes family counseling and offers long term assistance beyond the inpatient program.
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Treating the Mind, Body & Spirit

Our Los Angeles Dual-Diagnosis Program

Starbridge Recovery’s luxury dual diagnosis program in Los Angeles offers first class amenities and treatment programs. We specialize in drug abuse and addiction treatment. We also offer help for anxiety and behavioral problems that are a result of trauma. With an individualized approach and great care, we cater our treatment plans to each client so they can overcome their issues effectively. The programs at our drug rehab in Studio City provide the tools necessary to get your life back on track and become the best version of yourself.

Starbridge uses various techniques to help clients overcome their anxieties. This is done through individual and group sessions using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Exposure Therapy.

We also treat Adjustment disorders, which usually occur after experiencing a traumatic or stressful event such as: death of a family member or friend, relationship issues or divorce, illness or a health issue (in you or someone you’re close with), moving to a new place, financial difficulties, personal disasters and anxieties around perceived fears.

Behaviors that are often associated with adjustment disorders are, family fights, problems in school, job performance and relationship issues.

Individuals that have adjustment disorders are generally avoidant of being reminded of these stressful events and often use substances as a way to distance themselves from being reminded of changes in their lives.

Starbridge’s individual and group therapies are experienced experts in helping clients with adjustment disorders.

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Begin Your Path to Healing at Our LA Dual-Diagnosis Program

At our drug rehab in Studio City, we excel at treating the whole person.  From the beginning stages of intake to the aftercare program, we vigilantly strive to provide clients with the highest care and consideration. In our luxury dual diagnosis treatment center in California, we provide a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere to escape from the chaos of addiction and mental illness.  

We offer medicinal therapy and mental health counseling to help you begin to live your best life, free from the darkness of addiction and mental illness.  Our clients benefit from a private and exclusive environment in which you will experience a safe and comfortable detox in Los Angeles, a wide range of quality treatment programs, plus first rate aftercare resources and support.  We provide the total package for getting you back into life–not your old life, but a new one that is satisfying and fulfilling.  Contact our team today for your free consultation and begin your journey to lasting recovery.

Your Path to Lasting Recovery

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