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Each and every day over 200+ Americans will lose their life to a drug or alcohol-related overdose. Starbridge Recovery was founded in order to make a difference in that number. Our luxury substance abuse treatment program in Los Angeles provides you the opportunity to experience real treatment by people who truly care. 

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Starbridge Recovery offers evidence-based treatment for substance abuse in a luxury setting. Our boutique facility provides you with a safe space to overcome addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Kills

Addictions We Treat

It’s 2020 and America is still in the grips of an addiction epidemic that is claiming over 200+ lives every single day. Starbridge Recovery is dedicated to providing affordable, quality treatment in a luxury setting at our Los Angeles treatment center. Explore the different substances of abuse we treat and learn how to recover once and for all with Starbridge Recovery.


Signs, Withdrawal & Treatment

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Signs, Withdrawal & Treatment

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Signs, Withdrawal & Treatment

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Signs, Withdrawal & Treatment

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Signs, Withdrawal & Treatment

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Crystal Meth

Signs, Withdrawal & Treatment

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Stories of Hope, Healing & Recovery


A few words from our alumni, family & friends about
Starbridge Recovery’s treatment program in Los Angeles.

Starbridge’s extensive family program and gender-specific setting are models for the effective treatment of adolescents with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The comprehensive and integrated treatment approaches are key components necessary to address the needs of this specific population.

Marlena Anne J.
Mother of Alumni

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