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Rehab Programs for College Students at Starbridge Recovery

Substance misuse is common among college students because college students are more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol due to increasing stress and the pressure to fit in, rapid changes in surroundings, and being away from home. 

On many campuses, undergraduate drug misuse is a severe problem. If you are searching for a college student drug rehab program in Studio City, contact Starbridge Recovery today.

Starbridge Recovery is a luxury drug rehab in Studio City, CA, providing comprehensive substance abuse treatment.

Young Adults & Substance Abuse

Addiction Among College Students

Even though attending college has generally been associated with a reduced risk of developing substance use disorders, in recent years, substance abuse has emerged as one of the most pervasive health issues on college campuses in the United States. 

Finding a balance between the heavy workload and academic and social pressures can be challenging, and this may push students towards developing unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

Studies show that within the last month, one-third of college students have engaged in heavy drinking, and one in five have experimented with illicit drugs.

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Why Is Substance Abuse Common for College Students?

In addition to general risk factors for substance use, like specific mental health issues or a family history of substance use disorders, there are several risk factors for substance use that are unique to college campuses. Some of which include the following: 

  1. Peer Pressure

On college campuses, choosing to use drugs is heavily influenced by peer pressure and the fear of consequences. This is particularly true during the first year of college when students are attempting to fit into new social groups and may feel that drug or alcohol use can aid them in this regard. 

Students are more likely to be at risk of having a substance use problem if they believe that their substance use is expected by their peers.

  1. Poor Academic Performance 

Students who are struggling academically or under a lot of academic pressure may be at risk for stimulant abuse. Prescription medications like Adderall are commonly abused on college campuses because, when misused, these prescription stimulants can cause a drastic increase in energy and concentration, allowing students to pull all-nighters and study longer.

  1. Fraternity or Sorority Membership

The rates of substance abuse among members of fraternities and sororities are among the highest on college campuses. Fraternity and sorority members are more likely to binge drink, drink more frequently, and smoke marijuana.

Additionally, compared to college students who do not participate in “Greek life,” members have more harmful side effects from substance use, such as a higher incidence of drunk driving, reckless behavior, and unprotected sex.

  1. Increased Stress Levels 

Students in colleges are transitioning from having classes and activities with strict schedules provided to them in grade school to making and adhering to their own schedules.

Many students don’t realize that using drugs and alcohol is risky until they skip class in the mornings due to hangovers or struggle to finish assignments because marijuana lowers their motivation. 

College students must acquire stress and anxiety management skills, so they are less likely to turn to alcohol and drugs as a quick fix.

Starbridge Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Studio City, California, founded to provide you or your loved ones with the best treatment experience possible. We have a team of highly qualified professionals whose utmost priority is to help you fight and overcome addiction.

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common signs to watch for

What Are the Signs of Addiction in College Students?

Some noticeable physical and behavioral indicators of addiction can be seen among college students, despite drug and alcohol abusers frequently trying to conceal their symptoms and downplay their problems. These include:

  • Relationship problems
  • Secretive or paranoid behavior
  • Legal issues, including DUIs or public drunkenness
  • Disregarding obligations at their work, school, or home
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Alterations in eating or sleeping habits
  • A decline in personal grooming and appearance
  • Changes in hobbies or interests
  • Changes in social circles
  • Financial difficulties
  • Poor coordination
  • Slurred speech

If you have been struggling with addiction or you have a loved one who has, we are available to help you defeat addiction once and for all at Starbridge Recovery in California.

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Are There Rehab Centers for College Students?

College students are among the largest known groups of people predisposed to substance misuse. They have a higher risk of becoming fully addicted as a result. The repercussions of substance misuse can be severe; thus college student rehab programs are crucial regardless of why college-age adults use drugs or alcohol.

College recovery programs have been established, and they are specially made for young adults who want to quit using drugs or alcohol. Students can receive assistance from the college and inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation through these recovery programs.

Drugs Most Commonly Abused by College Students

1. Alcohol 

Most students start drinking when they go out with friends or at parties. They might feel pressure from their friends to drink, desire to blend in with the people around them, or want to use alcohol as a crutch to feel more at ease in social settings.

The most popular drug used illicitly by college students is alcohol. Although many people do not consider alcohol a drug, it is a chemical that alters mood and cognition and has addictive qualities, so it can undoubtedly be regarded as a drug of abuse.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 54.9% of full-time college students between the ages of 18 and 22 drank alcohol in the past month, which is over 10% higher than non-college students of the same age.

Starbridge Recovery is an alcohol rehab in Los Angeles that can help you today.

2. Marijuana

Despite the fact that marijuana remains illegal on a federal level, numerous states have made it lawful for recreational or medical usage. Students may use marijuana to relax, have fun at gatherings, or blend in with their peers.

Regarding the list of drugs that college students abuse the most frequently, marijuana ranks second to alcohol.

Although marijuana is less addictive than other substances like cocaine or prescription stimulants, it can cause serious adolescent problems. Regular marijuana users may neglect their studies, drive a car while intoxicated, or make poor decisions as a result of their altered mental state.

3. Cocaine

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant that typically takes the form of a white powder that is snorted. Due to its illegality and high level of addiction, cocaine can have a terrible impact on college students’ life. 

To stay up later and have more energy or for the euphoric high it gives, students may overuse cocaine at parties. Nevertheless, abusing cocaine can have a lot of negative legal and medical effects.

If you are looking for cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles, Starbridge Recovery can help.

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Starbridge Recovery is a Rehab for College Students

If you are looking for a college student rehab center in Studio City, California, look no further. At Starbridge Recovery, we have many programs designed to meet the needs of college students who struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction at affordable rates.

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