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Addiction Treatment in Hollywood

North Hollywood Drug Rehab

There are many options when it comes to finding addiction treatment in California. Many are searching for the correct level of care to achieve successful long-term sobriety. When individuals are unsure about the next steps, they look for local support, which they can find by attending a North Hollywood addiction treatment center designed to meet the needs of local and out-of-town clients looking to recover and rehabilitate in a safe and luxurious location. 

At Starbridge Recovery, a premier addiction treatment facility in Studio City, clients can access the newest and most supportive addiction treatment available. With multiple high-quality treatments and therapy styles available to be combined into a comprehensive addiction treatment program, clients who attend Starbridge Recovery can recover knowing that our experts have done the research and are ready to support each client in achieving their sobriety goals.

Hollywood and the Disease of Addiction

North Hollywood Addiction Statistics

North Hollywood, part of LA County, had over 50,000 substance use disorder treatment admissions, according to the 2019-2020 fiscal year report. Over 60% of those individuals admitted for treatment were male, and 67% were aged 26-54. Unfortunately, positive compliance at discharge was below 50% in all age groups, with the lowest category being Youth aged 12-17 with 38% compliance. This indicates that individuals are likely to recidivism or relapse into continued substance abuse.

Los Angeles County reported that methamphetamines were the most commonly abused drug (this study excludes alcohol), followed by marijuana and heroin. These drugs are most frequently used after prescription addiction. Methamphetamine addiction can stem from illegal ADHD medication use, and heroin use can arise from prescription opioid abuse.

Overdose deaths in LA County have been rising over the last five years. The impact of Covid-19 increased overdose-related deaths significantly. According to data released for 2020, in January 2021, January 2020 to July 2020 total was higher than the number of overdose-related deaths in all of 2018. The predicted count was nearly double the 2019 yearly total. Significant increases were seen in methamphetamines and fentanyl-related overdose deaths in 2020. In addition, the rate of overdose deaths increased by over 300% for teens aged 12-17. Availability, closed schools, and ever-increasing stressors and triggers are just some of the factors that scientists believe are behind this spike. 

These statistics make it necessary for multiple types of rehabilitation and treatment to be available in North Hollywood. By providing the care locally, individuals can get the help they need close to home and develop a support system they can rely on after treatment ends.

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Learn About Levels of Care

What Kind of Drug Rehab Centers Are in North Hollywood?

There are many types of drug rehab centers in North Hollywood to meet the needs of various clients. Treatment centers for individuals with severe, moderate, and mild addictions. 

Individuals with mild addiction can access outpatient treatment in North Hollywood. Outpatient treatment occurs one to two times a week and involves counseling with individual counselors or therapists and group support meetings. These drug rehabs are available for individuals diagnosed with mild addictions or those seeking continuous aftercare through a program.

Moderate addiction needs a more intensive style of rehab available in North Hollywood. This treatment is more in-depth and known as an Intensive Outpatient or Partial Hospitalization Program. These programs are still outpatient, but meetings occur three to four days a week. A majority of the day is spent with professionals working on improving mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. 

The most intensive type of addiction treatment is inpatient treatment and is available to those who are struggling with addiction most in North Hollywood. These clients have severe addiction that is impacting every aspect of their lives. These clients will spend approximately 2-4 weeks living at a treatment facility designed to help people rehab their lives. 

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Find the Care that is right for you

What to Look for in a North Hollywood Rehab?

When looking for a rehab in North Hollywood, it is essential to consider what is important for your rehabilitative health. Likewise, when looking at treatment is important to consider what is best for your mental, physical, and emotional health.

North Hollywood rehabs must cover many aspects, and the first is mental health. The therapies available to clients in addiction treatment must be comprehensive and supportive. Many facilities in North Hollywood focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness as techniques to help clients focus on the present and change their futures. By finding a more comprehensive treatment style that incorporates both traditional and alternative therapies, like those offered at Starbridge Recovery, the clients can participate in a more thorough treatment. 

Next, it is essential to look for a rehabilitation center that can improve a person’s physical health. A treatment facility should keep clients in a safe and drug-free location. The best treatment facilities in North Hollywood will also offer a number of nutritional and physical health therapies as well. Luxury facilities will provide personal trainers, while others will have workout rooms, yoga, and nutritionists. 

Lastly, it’s crucial to find a North Hollywood rehab that will focus on your emotional health. Many searches for a relaxing and comfortable location with amenities that makes rehabilitation feel like home. In a comfortable rehab location, clients will be able to focus on their health and sobriety. If clients are overwhelmed or uncomfortable, they will not be able to put their entire focus on healing and recovering. 

Finding a treatment facility that meets your addiction treatment needs can be the difference between recovery and relapse. When looking for a rehab center, it is important to consider what is best for your needs and what is best for your rehabilitation.

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Know what to look for

How to Find North Hollywood Drug Addiction Treatment

There are several ways to find appropriate treatment in North Hollywood.

The first way to look for treatment is through your insurance company. By searching for addiction treatment through your insurance policyholder, you can identify several insurance-approved rehab centers that meet your addiction treatment needs. Through this process, you can ensure that the treatment center you are accessing will be at the lowest cost to you and offers approved rehab options. 

You can access your in-network rehab companies by calling your insurance company or accessing their website to search for their approved rehab treatment centers. 

Another way to look for rehabilitation in North Hollywood is to search treatment centers based on the level of addiction treatment needed. By searching for rehab centers that meet your addiction treatment needs, you find what you are looking for, which can improve your chances of successful rehabilitation.

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Why Choose Starbridge Recovery for Addiction Treatment in North Hollywood?

Starbridge Recovery is the ideal location for individuals to recover from a substance use disorder. With our Southern California inpatient treatment, we are available night and day to assist clients with addiction recovery, our premier staff are highly trained in multiple treatment areas. Perfect for clients who require inpatient care and dual-diagnosis support, our home-like setting allows clients more privacy and amenities than other similar facilities.

Starbridge Recovery is a luxury addiction treatment center in Studio City designed to support clients through multiple types of addiction treatment. On our safe, secure, and luxurious campus, clients can access addiction treatment programs that are designed specifically for each client. With multiple treatment styles and personalized care, our clients have a better opportunity to have a positive, successful outcome. 

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