How to Find Heroin Detox Near Me

heroin detox near me

It may be a struggle for individuals struggling with heroin addiction to get them, or even yourself, to commit to attending heroin detox. The process can seem overwhelming and unappealing, and individuals are more likely to push off a challenge than tackle it. 

But, to make a lifelong healthy change, individuals must undergo heroin detox and addiction treatment. We recommend Starbridge Recovery. At Starbridge Recovery, our clients have access to personalize treatment solutions designed around the needs of the client. If it’s right for you, contact us today to make a change.

What are the signs of heroin addiction?

Heroin is an opioid narcotic that relieves pain quickly. This rapid process can also slow down the body’s functions to a fatally low rate. 

Individuals who are high may experience the following symptoms:

  • warm flushing of the skin
  • heavy feeling in the arms and legs
  • nausea and vomiting
  • itching
  • confusion and trouble focusing
  • losing consciousness

If an individual is addicted to heroin, you may also notice:

  • insomnia
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • pneumonia, or other respiratory diseases
  • liver disease
  • kidney disease
  • stomach problems, including cramping and pain
  • if being injected, heroin can cause collapsed veins and skin infections
  • if snorted through the nose, damaged tissue, and respiratory infections

For individuals who are struggling with heroin addiction, it is important to consider rehabilitation and treatment. Treatment at Starbridge Recovery can get you back on your feet and live a happier, healthier, sober life.

How do I find the best heroin detox near me?

If you are ready to search for the best heroin detox ‘near me,’ you should know what makes the most effective addiction and rehabilitation treatment. When searching for a rehab, you should find one that offers comprehensive services, multiple treatment methods, and an adequate aftercare program.

By choosing a rehab facility that offers comprehensive services, you can stick with one set of doctors and clinicians throughout your treatment program. Attending detox and rehab at the same place can help clients build a connection with their therapist that might be harder to develop if an individual moves frequently. 

You should also look for a treatment center that offers multiple treatment methods. Individuals who attend comprehensive therapy should have treatment that supports their mental, physical, and emotional health. Addiction impacts every aspect of a person’s life, and treatment should be available for each part.

Finally, individuals choosing the best heroin detox ‘near me’ should be aware of whether or not the company has an aftercare program. Addiction isn’t cured; it is managed, and as such, should be continuously maintained. An active aftercare program will support clients who are looking to maintain the hard work they have put in. 

Why shouldn’t you try to detox at home?

Detox at home is dangerous. Going through heroin withdrawal can be deadly if not medically monitored. People going through heroin withdrawal can experience a range of mild to fatal symptoms, including: “nausea and vomiting, anxiety, insomnia, hot and cold flushes, perspiration, muscle cramps, watery discharge from eyes and nose, and diarrhea.” 

While these symptoms may not seem like they can become fatal, individuals often don’t detox from heroin alone, and the process of withdrawing from multiple substances can cause extreme stress on the body. 

Undergoing detox under the care of a medical professional provides your or your loved one the safety necessary to undergo withdrawal safely. 

Starbridge Recovery – Recovery Designed for You

Starbridge Recovery offers personalized treatment solutions to help individuals beat addiction and find long-term solutions for a lifetime of sobriety.

Through our dedicated treatment programs, clients can work on their mental, physical, and emotional health. To support this process, individuals have access to traditionally structured treatment programs in addition to more modern alternative treatments that are implemented to promote mindfulness and holistic healing.
Contact Starbridge Recovery today to access recovery your way.

What is Evidence-Based Treatment for Addiction?

What is Evidence-Based Treatment for Addiction

When it comes to battling addiction, getting the best treatment is the best defense against the challenges. The best defense is evidence-based addiction treatment designed to support your mental and emotional health through rehabilitation. 

Individuals struggling with addiction should seek evidence-based addiction treatment through a comprehensive addiction treatment center like Starbridge Recovery. At Starbridge, we believe in using the best and most effective treatments to help people battle addiction. Through individualized treatment plans, our clients can take back their lives. Contact us today to see how our residential, dual-diagnosis treatment center and medically monitored detoxification can support you or your loved one.

What is addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment includes the mental and physical treatment of individuals struggling with a substance use disorder. Individuals diagnosed with mental health disorders, like substance use disorder, require structured treatment to help them stop drug use.

Addiction treatment focuses on healing the mental, emotional, and physical scars related to substance abuse. Individuals who develop an addiction have put themselves at greater risk for mental health disorders, traumatic events, physical ailments, and emotional instability. Addiction treatment attempts to support individuals through therapy and teachings. 

Based on an individual’s severity of addiction, they may attend addiction treatment in a variety of ways. It can be in a restrictive environment like inpatient residential care or in an outpatient program where individuals live at home and attend treatment at a community center. Individuals diagnosed with a substance use disorder may also access addiction treatment online through a program that meets their specific addiction treatment needs.

The most important thing to remember about addiction treatment is to find a safe and supportive environment that meets your needs through evidence-based best practices.

What is evidence-based treatment for addiction?

Evidence-based addiction treatment is tested, evaluated, and monitored to ensure that it truly does support individuals who wish to reduce or stop their drinking entirely. Individuals who enter addiction treatment often experience several types of evidence-based therapy either consecutively or concurrently in order to work on developing the skills and strategies necessary for living a sober lifestyle. Most commonly individuals will experience CBT, DBT, and Contingency Management.

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT focuses on altering misconceptions and misguided beliefs to alter and change behaviors related to drug use. Individuals addicted to drugs often feel that the drug is the only thing that can make them happy or feel better. CBT challenges that theory by guiding thinking in alternative paths.

DBT is Dialectal Behavioral Therapy. While DBT maintains many of the principles of CBT, its main focus is on changing the language and how individuals perceive the here and now. DBT is acceptance-oriented and focuses on mindfulness and being present.

Finally, Contingency Management is a strategy that is often implemented. Contingency management (CM) focuses on providing incentives to stay drug-free and rewarding positive behavior to change the positive response to the drug, to a positive response in staying sober. CM can be maintained with vouchers, prizes, or special rewards.

Starbridge Recovery

At Starbridge Recovery, we help our clients bridge the path to recovery because we believe they and everyone struggling with addiction is worth it. 

We understand the differences and challenges that addiction and mental health can cause. We challenge those structures and provide comprehensive mental health care and treatment for individuals suffering from substance use disorders and concurrent mental health disorders that have presented during or as a result of addiction or were the instigating cause for addiction. 
Contact us today to see how we can help you recover your life with Starbridge Recovery.

How to Safely Detox from Benzos

How to Safely Detox from Benzos

Benzodiazepines, or benzos for short, are some of the most dangerous prescription medications. The withdrawal symptoms from using benzos can be fatal.

Contact Starbridge Recovery today to see how our monitored medical detox program can keep you safe and support you on the path to sobriety.

What are benzos?

Benzos are a class of addictive drugs used to treat seizures, anxiety disorders, and panic disorders. They can also be used as secondary treatments for many other disorders that might require a drug to suppress the nervous system. Benzodiazepines actually work to rewire how the body functions. 

Benzos can be taken daily for continued maintenance or on an as-needed basis. Benzo misuse occurs when individuals take the drug incorrectly by taking more than prescribed, more often than recommended, and by crushing the pill instead of taking it whole. Additionally, using someone else’s prescription, even as needed, taking the medication after the prescription has ended, and purchasing benzos illegally are signs of misuse.

Are benzos addictive?

Benzos are a highly addictive substance. Individuals who take the medication regularly either as prescribed or illegally can develop a dependence on the drug, develop tolerance to the effects of the drug, and become addicted. 

Individuals who use benzos to get high may experience respiratory distress, confusion, headache, stomach issues, or twitching.

Individuals occasionally try to mitigate these symptoms with opioid pain relievers, which can be a deadly mistake. Mixing opioids and benzodiazepines have caused as many as a fifth of all opioid overdose deaths nationwide in a given year. This combination causes severe depression of the central nervous system. 

An individual overdosing on benzos and a combination drug will have decreased breath sounds, lose consciousness, and may quickly become unresponsive.

How to Safely Detox from Benzos

To safely detox from benzos, you or your loved one should be monitored by a medical professional. They will recommend how to safely ween you from the drug. Benzo addiction and withdrawal can be especially dangerous because withdrawing medication too quickly or at too high a rate can cause epileptic seizures. This can lead to additional immediate health concerns and long-lasting health problems. 

The benzodiazepine withdrawal process includes reducing the amount and frequency the medication is taken. This process can take several weeks to do completely and safely. An individual going through this detox process may experience:

  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Tremors
  • Muscle pain, stiffness, and aches
  • Dizziness
  • Visual impairment
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • Irritability, restlessness, agitation
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Depression

These physical and cognitive symptoms necessitate inpatient detox and treatment. Treatment centers will have medical staff trained and familiar with benzo withdrawal protocol and be able to support you or your loved one through this process.

Starbridge Recovery

At Starbridge Recovery, we’re redefining recovery because you’re worth it.

We believe in creating tailored treatment plans to meet the needs of each of our clients. With different experiences, drugs, and symptoms come different types of traditional and alternative therapies, groups, and support.

Get comprehensive addiction treatment with our detoxification and residential inpatient program. Our luxury facility is designed to support individual growth and goal achievement. Through our structured programming, clients can begin to recover their inner selves.
Contact us today for recovery your way.

Are There Bipolar and Addiction Treatment Centers?

Are There Bipolar and Addiction Treatment Centers?

Yes, there are addiction treatment centers that also treat bipolar disorder. A treatment facility that is designed to support co-morbid disorders is ideal for this situation. When an individual struggles with a dual diagnosis, it is crucial for individuals to receive treatment that is comprehensive and tailored to both disorders.

At Starbridge Recovery, we work with individuals to address all mental health concerns, addiction and beyond, to ensure comprehensive treatment and greater opportunity for successful recovery. Contact us today to see how our treatment facility can support your rehabilitation.

What is bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is defined as “a mental disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, concentration, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks” by the National Institute of Mental Health. It can be categorized into three different types of disorders based on the severity and length of both the depressive and manic episodes. 

Bipolar disorder can cause emotions related to euphoria and depression. A person experiencing a manic episode may energetic, high, or anxious. They may also have a decreased need for sleep, a loss of appetite, accelerated speech and thoughts, and how impaired judgment. A person in a manic episode will also likely be unable to focus on one thing for an extended period, and engage in reckless activity more, such as unsafe sex and drug use.

The opposite of this can also occur with bipolar depression. A person may be fatigued, sad, or hopeless during a depressive episode. They are likely to experience troubles related to sleep, either difficulty staying asleep or sleeping too much. An increased appetite and drastic weight gain are common during depressive episodes. Depressive episodes may cause someone to feel like they have nothing to say, forget a lot, have trouble concentrating, feel unable to do even simple things, and have little interest in almost all activities. Extreme depressive episodes may also cause suicidal thoughts or actions.

When an individual feels these extreme changes, they might begin substance abuse as an attempt to self-medicate.

Are bipolar and addiction connected?

Individuals that experience these extreme fluctuations in emotions, especially when they are untreated and unmedicated, may turn to substances to help manage the changes in feelings. According to multiple studies connecting bipolar and alcoholism, somewhere between 40% and 50% of individuals with bipolar depression also have an alcohol use disorder

Knowing When it’s Time to Look into Bipolar and Addiction Treatment Centers

Individuals with bipolar disorder who fear they may be struggling with addiction should look for an addiction treatment center that focuses on treating dual diagnosis disorders. By treating your comorbid disorders at the same time, you can experience a greater chance of recovery and sustainable long-lasting sobriety. When treatment is given at the same time, individuals can better learn to manage both, unlike when an individual only seeks treatment for one of the disorders.

Individuals struggling with an alcohol problem who have also noticed extreme fluctuations in emotions may also find it beneficial to go to a treatment center that offers dual diagnosis treatment. If you feel that there may be something else going on, you may be able to receive an additional diagnosis or receive treatment that can help you manage these additional emotions.

Starbridge Recovery

At Starbridge Recovery, our treatment facility is designed to support individuals through dual diagnosis treatment. We work with individuals to support their recovery from addiction and to teach the necessary coping, self-management, and relapse prevention skills necessary. Our thorough treatments are designed to address additional mental health concerns as well. Individuals with anxiety, bipolar, depression, mood disorders, panic disorders, personality disorders, and PTSD/trauma. Our expert care is focused on designing and building your bridge to recovery. 

Starbridge Recovery – Addiction recovery, re-defined because you’re worth it.