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Most Health Plans Cover Treatment

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Each and every day over 200+ Americans will lose their life to a drug or alcohol-related overdose. Starbridge Recovery was founded in order to make a difference in that number.

To find out if your health insurance will cover treatment at our luxury program click below for a free insurance benefits check. We will help you find the best options that fit your needs, whether that is at Starbridge or another program. No Medicaid/Medicare at this time.


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Most Major Insurance

Starbridge Recovery works with most major insurance carriers who offer out-of-network benefits to help you cover the cost of treatment. Fill out our FREE insurance verification form now and one of our caring admissions representatives will contact you immediately. 


A Luxury Treatment Center

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Starbridge Recovery offers evidence-based treatment for substance abuse in a luxury setting. Our boutique facility provides you with a safe space to overcome addiction without distractions.

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What makes us special, if not unique, is that we look at the entirety of the individual in front of us. We look at each client as a unique individual and identify the specific issues that each client must face in order to overcome the disease of addiction. A few reasons our program is right for you:

What Makes Us Different?

A Personalized Recovery Experience.

Starbridge Recovery is not your typical “drug rehab” in Los Angeles, California. We strive to stand out by offering truly individualized care that aims to treat the mind, body & spirit of each and every client that walks through our doors. We understand the disease of addiction intimately. From learning how to cope with feelings to finding new passions in life, Starbridge Recovery’s boutique program in Studio City provides you with a path to recovery that works for you.

Unique aspects about our program are; structure, consistency, and learning through fun activities. Our family-style environment creates hope, a strong foundation, and bonding relationships to help open the mind and the heart and create new habits.

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Stories of Hope, Healing & Recovery


A few words from our alumni, family & friends about
Starbridge Recovery’s treatment program in Los Angeles.
Starbridge’s extensive family program and gender-specific setting are models for the effective treatment of adolescents with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The comprehensive and integrated treatment approaches are key components necessary to address the needs of this specific population.
Marlena Anne J.
Mother of Alumni
Get Real Help for Addiction, Day or Night.

We are here to help. We’ve been in your shoes and understand there is no magic cure or one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment. Contact our expert admissions team to get the help you need – regardless if you come to our program or not.

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