How to Pay for Drug Rehab With Aetna

How to Pay for Drug Rehab With Aetna

If you are considering going to rehab, an important consideration is whether or not the location you selected accepts your insurance. Because rehabilitation is a “get what you pay for” situation, selecting a rehab center that accepts your insurance and meets your needs is crucial to recovery.

Starbridge Recovery is a rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles, California that works with many major insurance companies to cover the costs of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our luxury treatment facility and compassionate staff are ready to help you across the bridge to recovery. Contact our drug rehab, with Aetna insurance accepted, today.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction is a tricky disorder. Many of the initial signs and symptoms include hiding information and lying, which can make it difficult for loved ones to identify a problem. However, there are some additional physical and behavioral signs that may make identifying an addiction in your loved one, or yourself, less challenging.

Drug addiction symptoms or behaviors include, among others:

  • Feeling that you have to use the drug regularly — daily or even several times a day
  • Having intense urges for the drug that block out any other thoughts
  • Over time, needing more of the drug to get the same effect
  • Taking larger amounts of the drug over a longer period of time than you intended
  • Making certain that you maintain a supply of the drug
  • Spending money on the drug, even though you can’t afford it
  • Not meeting obligations and work responsibilities, or cutting back on social or recreational activities because of drug use
  • Continuing to use the drug, even though you know it’s causing problems in your life or causing you physical or psychological harm
  • Doing things to get the drug that you normally wouldn’t do, such as stealing
  • Driving or doing other risky activities when you’re under the influence of the drug
  • Spending a good deal of time getting the drug, using the drug or recovering from the effects of the drug
  • Failing in your attempts to stop using the drug
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop taking the drug

Identifying these behaviors calls for intense self-reflection and/or intervention by a loved one.  If you have noticed these behaviors or symptoms, contact Starbridge Recovery, a drug rehab with Aetna insurance accepted.

How to Pay for Drug Rehab With Aetna Insurance

To see if your Aetna insurance policy is accepted at the drug rehab facility of your choice, the best option is to contact Aetna’s customer care website or log in to your secure Aetna member login. 

The other option, to see if your choice of drug rehab has Aetna insurance, is to contact the drug rehab center directly with your insurance policy information. The registration department at the rehab facility you’ve chosen will be able to submit your information and see what coverage you have through your insurance policy. 

Generally, most Aetna insurance policies cover some form of rehabilitation, so it is important to familiarize yourself with what they will and won’t cover to prevent a surprise bill following care. 

Reach Out to the Team Today at Starbridge Recovery

At Starbridge Recovery, we accept Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, and many other major insurance policies. Our comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed with our clients in mind. Through detoxification and inpatient rehab, clients access tailored treatment plans to meet their specific needs.

At Starbridge Recovery, our compassionate and medically trained staff are equipped to help treat addiction and other mental health concerns (dual diagnosis). By treating the root cause of addiction, our clients can fully implement the treatment protocols learned through rehabilitation.

Contact Starbridge Recovery, our drug rehab with Aetna insurance accepted, to see how we can support your treatment today.

Can I Use Cigna to Pay For Rehab? | Starbridge Recovery

Can I Use Cigna to Pay For Rehab?

Chances are, if you’re looking into going to a drug or alcohol rehab center, you’ve realized they’re pretty expensive. You’ve also probably realized that you get what you pay for with rehabilitation centers. The more expensive, the more luxurious, and the more treatment options available to you. So, you’re probably also wondering if your Cigna insurance will help you pay for rehab. 

The good news is that approved Cigna rehab centers, like Starbridge Recovery do exist. Contact us today to see how we can support your sustainable recovery at our insurance approved Cigna rehab center.

Do Rehabs Accept Insurance?

Most rehab centers accept some forms of insurance, but just like with doctors, all accept different ones and at different percentages, so it is important to call and check with the rehab center and your insurance company to see what coverage is available to you. 

While rehabs may accept insurance, some additions may not be covered by your insurance company, or only for so long. It is important to know these specifications, so you are not surprised by a bill for your stay. By contacting your insurance company specifically or logging into your myCigna account, you can review your policy and find out what specifics are covered.

Additionally, it is important to keep your workplace, or even your union, aware of the addiction challenges you are facing. There are several protections in place for individuals struggling with sobriety. The Family Medical Leave Act provides individuals with 12 weeks of unpaid leave per 12 months. This can be utilized at the discretion of your doctor, to support rehabilitation without retaliation or job loss. Additionally, the Americans with Disabilities Act prevents employers from letting individuals with previous drug use go. However, it does not prevent them from drug testing or firing persons for illegal drug use causing undue hardships at work.

What Is Cigna’s Rehab Insurance Policy Like?

While each Cigna insurance policy is different based on state or employer provisions, Cigna does have a Cigna Rehab Provider Network full of addiction treatment centers, professionals, and a care team that will help you determine just what is covered by your insurance policy.

To contact Cigna’s care team about their Cigna Rehab Provider Network, you will need to call  1 (800) 997-1654 or log in to myCigna to determine who is covered by your policy. 

Can I Use Cigna to Pay For rehab?

Yes, you can use Cigna to pay for approved rehab programs, like the one through Starbridge Recovery. Depending on your policy, you can receive coverage for certain residential or outpatient addiction treatment centers and work towards your sobriety.

Is Starbridge Recovery Right for Me?

Starbridge Recovery works with Cigna insurance policy holders to develop a treatment program that works for them and fits within the constraints of the insurance policy.

Our Studio City treatment center focuses on holistic healing in a safe, luxurious environment. Through customized treatment plans utilizing evidence-based treatments, our clients can focus on recovery through education and experiences.

Our dedication to providing affordable, quality treatment to all clients includes providing them the necessary skills to utilize on the path to lasting recovery. By attending to all their mental health needs, both substance use disorders and any additional mental illnesses they may be struggling with, our medical professionals work to treat the root causes of addiction so that our clients can live the successful sober life of their choosing.
Contact us today at Starbridge Recovery to see if our treatment center is the correct fit for your recovery. Our supportive and friendly staff are happy to work with you to decipher your insurance policy to see what is covered.

The Importance of Seeking the Right Drug Addiction Therapy

The Importance of Seeking the Right Drug Addiction Therapy

When seeking drug addiction therapy, it is important to choose the correct type of therapy or you could be setting yourself up for relapse. Choosing the best type of therapy depends on the goals you have for your life, your learning style, and how you view your addiction. 

When individuals can choose the type of drug addiction therapy that works best for their mind and body, clients can achieve sustainable long-term sobriety. 

Starbridge Recovery offers a variety of treatment options and works with clients to create a treatment program that works to fit their specific needs. Contact Starbridge Recovery today if you are ready to get started on your journey of recovery.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a mental disorder characterized by its impact on the brain triggering relapses in behavior and alterations of the physical and mental processes. “They crave and seek out drugs, alcohol, or other substances no matter what the cost—even at the risk of damaging friendships, hurting family, or losing jobs.” 

Addiction is not a choice. It is a mental disorder that requires trained medical professionals to provide therapeutic support. 

Why Is Addiction Treated With Therapy?

Addiction is treated with therapy because of how it impacts the mental processes in the brain. “In psychotherapy, psychologists help people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives. Psychologists apply research-based techniques to help people develop more effective habits.” Through this process therapists, counselors, and psychologists help people work through problems and develop solutions. 

People who struggle with addiction struggle with using or abusing drugs or alcohol in an unsafe manner. Through therapy with a trained medical professional, individuals can work on this problem and the root problem causing the addiction and work on developing healthy and safe solutions that do not include drugs and alcohol.

The Importance of Seeking the Right Type of Drug Addiction Therapy

There are several types of drug addiction therapy most commonly used within the community. Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, contingency management, and alternative/holistic therapies work collaboratively to provide a more well-rounded approach to drug addiction therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is the focus on how to recognize how our behaviors, feelings, and thoughts impact one another. Meaning that a change in behavior will impact feelings and thoughts, while a change in feeling can impact behavior and thoughts and so on. Through this process clients work with therapists to recognize how their negative feelings, thoughts, and behaviors impact their well-being. CBT is the most common type of therapy used in drug addiction treatment.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or DBT is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on acceptance as a primary goal. Through DBT clients learn to accept their past actions, learn from them, challenge their previous negative behaviors, feelings, and thoughts, and reinterpret positive outcomes and solutions that do not involve drugs and alcohol.

Contingency Management is an excessively successful type of behavioral therapy that focuses on changing behaviors through positive reinforcement or rewards. Studies have shown that individuals receiving monetary reinforcement for positive behavior (clean urine samples) have demonstrated sustainable recovery over 12 weeks at rates 4x those of not in a contingency management program.

Alternative/Holistic therapies are a group of therapies that support focusing on the mental and physical during recovery. Used in combination with a type of behavioral therapy, alternative or holistic therapies include yoga, mindfulness, Reiki, creative arts, nutrition therapy, and biofeedback. These types of therapies focus on centering the mind and energy within the body. These are especially useful for individuals wishing to improve their overall well-being.

Starbridge Recovery Can Help You or Your Loved One Today

At Starbridge Recovery our medical professionals work with clients to develop personalized treatment plans based on their addiction needs, this includes varying the style of therapy to meet their learning style. Our luxury treatment center offers a variety of therapy styles, medically monitored detoxification, and comprehensive aftercare. 

Contact Starbridge Recovery today to see how our full-service treatment programs can support you or your loved one on the path to recovery.

Searching for Addiction & Trauma Treatment? Starbridge Recovery Can Help

Searching for Addiction and Trauma Treatment? Starbridge Recovery Can Help

Alone, addiction and trauma can be devastating mental health disorders, but where and when they eventually meet, tragedy lies.

The trajectory of trauma to addiction has some of the highest statistics. 80% of Vietnam War Veterans seeking addiction treatment have PTSD.  33% of individuals surviving abuse, a violent experience, or an accident develop a substance abuse problem. Victims of sexual assault are 4.5 times as likely to develop a substance abuse problem. The evidence of trauma causing or leading to a substance abuse problem is evident. However, it is also important to mention that substance abuse problems lead to risk-taking behaviors and increase the likelihood of experiencing a trauma or additional trauma.

Starbridge Recovery wants to break the cycle of addiction and trauma through our redesigned treatment program dedicated to supporting clients struggling with both. Contact us today to see if our program can help you.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a mental health disorder defined as “chronic, relapsing disorder characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite adverse consequences.” This means that even if the individual addicted to drugs or alcohol wanted to stop, they would be unable to because of the mental and physical impact drugs have on the body. 

Drugs may be taken to feel good, to do better, to feel better, or out of curiosity and peer pressure. However, the problem with addiction is that drugs and alcohol impact the rewards center of the brain making it associate happy or better feelings with drugs and soon, the only way the body feels better or seems happy is when there are drugs in its system. 

Addiction impacts everyone in the United States. 700 billion dollars is spent yearly on the treatment, physical and mental health care costs, lives lost, and crime related to drugs.  Additionally, research indicates that 10% of all Americans will struggle with substance addiction at some point in their life.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma in a person is a response, a reaction. Trauma results from “an event, series of events, or set of circumstances that is experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally harmful or life threatening and that has lasting adverse effects on the individual’s functioning and mental, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being.”

Oftentimes individuals who have experienced a trauma will attempt to manage the symptoms or responses with substances.

Why Are Addiction and Trauma Treatment Necessary for a Full Recovery?

Addiction and trauma treatment are necessary for full long-term recovery because of trauma and addiction’s cyclical nature. Nearly 60% of young people who reported experiencing trauma grow up to have issues with substance abuse. Substance abuse increases the likelihood of being traumatized, which can lead to more frequent substance abuse. As an individual bounces between substances and trauma, things only continue to get progressively worse. 

By combining trauma and addiction treatment, individuals can build a solid basis for support and stability with their mental and physical health. Rehabilitation centers that are able to support clients with dual diagnosis disorders of trauma or PTSD and addiction, like Starbridge Recovery, are medically trained to support the emotional healing of trauma and addiction.

How Can Starbridge Recovery Help?

Starbridge Recovery is devoted to supporting clients through their darkest times. Our medically trained clinicians and counselors are prepared to support not only addiction but additional mental health disorders like trauma, PTSD, bipolar, depression, and mood and personality disorders. Through this process we develop an individually tailored treatment plan to meet the needs of each client. 

At Starbridge Recovery we work to provide the best traditional evidence-based practices and most supportive unique therapies to address mental health disorders. Adding alternative therapies to the mix, we provide clients the opportunity to work on healing their body along with their mind. Our luxury facility offers an on-site pool, gym, common areas, and recreation areas. Our semi-private lodging offers the opportunity for clients to reflect and refocus their life goals.

At Starbridge Recovery, we are redefining rehabilitation and treatment, because you’re worth it. Contact us today to see how our comprehensive treatment programs can support your journey of recovery.